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  • Anthony Blake: “The stage comes into the audience, and anything can happen”

    Date: 06.09.2011

    The Mentalist Anthony Blake at the Teatro Cervantes in Valladolid his show ‘Do not come alone’, an appointment with the magic that is expected to leave no one indifferent.
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  • Anthony Blake: “There are no impenetrable minds”

    Date: 28.01.2011

    On December 22, 2002 something happened that few can explain and what everyone thinks. Anthony Blake, the magician of the mind, hit the number of Gordo Christmas Lottery. The effects of this trick, many victims of the crisis would like to learn, continue to reverberate today. The author of the magical point is a Spaniard namedJosé Luis González Panizo, which under the mask of illusion has acted on stage and television sets throughoutthe worldwide. Anthony Blake is able to break down the walls that interfere with their power and leathery minds.This weekend will show their talent on stage anomalous del Teatro Salón Cervantes. ’Do not come just’ explorethe limits of fear amongst the red seats of the temple of drama Complutense, which hosts a show that should gotogether.


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